Blocks To Healing: Show Up. Pay Attention. Tell The Truth. Let Go.

One of the things I test with people who come into my office are "blocks to healing". They are:
- Am I okay showing up?
- Am I okay paying attention?
- Am I okay telling the truth?
- Am I okay letting go?

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Seven Step Guide To: Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Holistic Wellness Health

Emotional Polarity Technique is an integrative holistic approach in emotional healthcare to help heal people’s pain and suffering. At Open Heart Holistic Therapy, EPT will help you let go and forgive yourself for old conflicts and belief patterns that are keeping you stressed, stuck in anger, sadness, fear, low self esteem, trauma, or even physical pain and chronic illness. With EPT you will witness the power of forgiveness in just one session. Forgiving is healing. Call and schedule a free consultation 813-922-8768.

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Forgiveness Is Power

Self-Forgiveness = Self-Empowerment. Forgiveness is so powerful and also so misunderstood. Forgiveness can sometimes feel like a mind maze, but it’s also so simple. Most of the time people don’t think of forgiveness as a self-empowerment tool. But when you are not forgiving, you are allowing someone or some part of yourself to be in power.

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Whether You Believe Or Not EPT Works. Just Show Up.

What I love about EPT is that whether you believe or not, it can help. How often do you say the words “I forgive…” “I give myself permission…” “I let go…” “I love and accept myself…” Whether you believe it or not, just showing up is a healing move. 

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Self Help Is Out Of Style

It’s great when everything is under my control. But when that thing happens that we couldn’t account for--an accident, illness, death, or you name it. Self help sucks. Because I don’t want to help myself, and trying to help myself is not helpful.The attitudes of humility and gratitude are empty of self help.

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Pain Is Emotional

Pain is emotional. We make ourselves so stressed, anxious, sad or mad that we get headaches, backaches, stomachaches, or worse. If you have kids you’ve probably seen it. They might get so upset they can’t eat or they throw up. Or maybe you’ve been there before, where work is so stressful you practically will a fever. 

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A Pep Talk From Yourself Or Someone You Love

As I look at you, I see pure potential. And I know what you’re thinking… You’re thinking, “It’s not good enough. It’s never good enough.” But you are. It is. You are enough. This potential is constantly growing. With everything you do and master, it grows. It may feel like you are constantly behind, but you are exactly where you are meant to be.

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