Reviews & Testimonials

Open Heart Holistic Therapy Is So Grateful For Each Review & Testimonial We Work So Clients Can Experience Healing With Love, Compassion, & Forgiveness. OHHT Uses Emotional Polarity Technique To Resolve The Unresolved Conflicts In Your Life So You Can Be Free. Leave a Review On Google Here!


“Paige is a joy to work with. Her heart is full and her commitment to bringing divine love and light into an EPT session with a bit of humour makes you feel loved and safe, like she is a trusted friend you can rely on and open your heart to. She is very personable and real and has a real compassionate heart for the inner child that needs healing. She’s able to zero in on exactly what part of your past needs healing and you face it together. When she coaches you through statements and affirmations to say during a session it’s like she is inside your brain guiding you to say things that you might say only in your head but maybe weren’t brave enough to say them out loud. She helps you get through them and you feel stronger because of it.

Because of Paige, we interrupted old limiting beliefs, patterns and shaped new perceptions and limitless beliefs and as a result I have been able to make leaps and bounds moving forward in my own business and improve all of my relationships with my friends, family, husband and professional.

I really look forward to my next session with her.”


“Paige has been instrumental to my healing, and this is after years of seeking help with counselors, drugs and therapy that could not get to the root of the problem. Paige's insight and presence are incredibly valuable, and I feel comfortable working through painful and vulnerable experiences alongside her. As a talk counselor alone, she is an incredible resource.

Additionally, the EPT modality that Paige practices is nothing short of miraculous. I didn't know what to think as I'd never heard of anything like it, but I took a recommendation to Paige on a leap of faith. EPT has similar aspects to EFT, which is clinically proven to provide relief for longer than a session of psychotherapy. EPT is an improvement on EFT. The EPT statement that you will experience a major change within 7 sessions proved true for me. Even after the first session, I felt so much relief. At 7 now, I feel like a new person, ready to embrace the road ahead without being held back by patterns of physical and mental pain.”


“I saw Open Heart Holistic Therapy for 7 sessions. My intention was to work on my goals to open an office for my small business. During my sessions, I was able to narrow my focus. Now, I have opened my new office with goals for positive growth. I would highly recommend Paige, to assist you with any personal or business outcomes you are seeking.”

“Paige is very insightful and has a genuine way of confronting negative patterns to help you move thru them.”


“So I guess you could call Paige a miracle worker. She helped me so much. I went to her because I was holding onto a lot of negative feelings about my father that I had for for many years. After three sessions I feel so much better. I was able to let things go and move on and I no longer harbor the resentment. Check her out If you need to let go of any negativity from the past.”


“Paige is wonderful! She helped me gain clarity and resolve issues that had been in my life for many years in the most unconventional way. EPT allowed me to identify the root(s) causing me to feel stuck, afraid, angry and anxious and resolving these by emphasizing the power of forgiveness. From the time of our first session until now she's been only kind, caring and compassionate. I couldn't thank her enough for all she's done for me.”


“As non-traditional therapy methods are concerned, I feel like this is a thorough and effective method. Paige really cares and truly works to get to the heart of that which is keeping us from being our best possible selves.”