Self Help Is Out Of Style


Me me me me me me me me…
Mine mine mine…

We want to help ourselves but we also don’t want to be responsible for anything.

This is a cultural phenomenon: we believe that the only way to feel better is to help ourselves. 

  • Read all the books. 

  • Learn all the techniques.

  • Post as many positive social media posts quotes as possible. 

It’s great when everything is under my control.

But when that thing happens that we couldn’t account for--an accident, illness, death, or you name it. Self help sucks. Because I don’t want to help myself, and trying to help myself is not helpful.

These are the times where it’s obvious we need others to help us. We want others to help us. And without others, we might not survive. 

I don’t know why in other facets of our lives we think any different, like I can do it all and be in complete control. 

Self help was never true. It was never in fashion. It was never in style. 

The attitudes of humility and gratitude are empty of self help.

So, if you want that, then give up your self help.

With the integrative holistic approach of Emotional Polarity Technique, it requires (at least) two souls helping each other. The EPT practitioner strategically locates in the body and in time the emotions and exactly who and what needs to be forgiven. You might be forgiving yourself, but with another person there helping you to believe--both are changed for good and healed. 

Two people working intentionally for healing--is healing. And when one doesn’t have the faith, imagination, or narrative for healing, the other holds the space for profound movements of forgiveness, love, and compassion. 

Don’t give up on yourself. Ask for help. Find help. Be changed. Be loved. Be humble. Be full of gratitude. 

I forgive myself for believing

  • I have to help myself.

  • I am in complete control.

  • I can’t handle when something out of my control happens.

  • I’m lost and can’t be helped. 

  • I’m broken beyond any other person helping me. 

I forgive others…

  • For not helping.

  • For making me believe I’m the only person who can help me.

I give others permission to forgive me…

  • When I don’t help.

  • When I believe they need to help themselves.

Without this pattern of feeling alone like I have to do everything myself I am free…

  • To be helped.

  • To let others be there for me and be their best selves helping me.

  • To be open to God helping me.

  • To let others hold the space of faith and worthiness for me when I don’t feel like I’m enough.

  • To empathize with others who feel the same hurt and loneliness.

Emotional Polarity Technique is an integrative holistic approach in emotional healthcare to help heal people’s pain and suffering. At Open Heart Holistic Therapy, EPT will help you let go and forgive yourself for old conflicts and belief patterns that are keeping you stressed, stuck in anger, sadness, fear, low self esteem, trauma, or even physical pain and chronic illness. With EPT you will witness the power of forgiveness in just one session. Forgiving is healing. Call and schedule a free consultation 813-922-8768.