Heal Your Debt!

Don’t Let Debt Get You Down!

I’ve heard so much in the news about crippling debt. NPR is constantly reporting on it. There was even a recent article that came out about veterinarians taking their owns lives--the stress possibly due to school debt.

There was even a mistake in the government teacher forgiveness program that caused a bunch of unnecessary stress and suffering!

There are also some who believe whatever pain and suffering is coming to the person in debt is deserved. It’s a real emotional problem that people have--constantly stressed about money.

I have felt super super stressed by money!

Then you check out my instagram and all my travel and all the fun I have with my family, you might think, “That girl has no money problems or bad feelings ever about money.”

I’ve also done a lot of sessions of EPT on my beliefs about money. 

What is it that you believe about money that is keeping you from living your best life?

With the integrative holistic approach of Emotional Polarity Technique, I’ve been able to let go of unhelpful patterns and beliefs about money. Has my money situation changed drastically? No. But I feel better. I don’t let money hold me back from living and enjoying life. Do I make thrifty decisions? Yes. Do I make luxurious decisions? Yes. 

So often we look at how money works in our life as like a grade for who I am or who you are, like ”How I make or have money defines who I am, if I’m good enough, or if I’m smart enough.” It wasn’t true when we were children, and it’s not true now. 

Money is just energy. And money doesn’t have to control you or define you. 

You are worth more than all the money in the world, and you were never defined by you debts and assets. 

I think that money is one of the coolest and easiest ways to see how EPT works. Whatever money you have or earn or bills you pay don’t change quickly, but you can change how you feel about it quickly--and that will make you happier. 

I forgive myself for believing…

  • I have to feel angry and depressed about money

  • The way I feel about money can’t change.

  • I’ll always be unhappy as long as I am in debt and have to pay.

  • Money is happiness.

I forgive others…

  • For placing so much value on money.

  • For valuing money more than me. 

  • Defining me by the money I make. 

I give others permission to forgive me…

  • When I judge them by the money they have.

  • When I take their money…

  • When I value them less than money.

I love and accept myself even when I’m afraid…

  • I’ll never have enough money.

  • I’ll have enough, but still not be happy.

  • I’ll always owe someone something.

  • The experiences and education weren’t worth the debt..

Without this anger and depression I am free…

  • To feel love forgiveness and happiness even when I’m in debt.

  • To feel safe secure and complete even when I’m in debt.

  • To feel worthy calm and content even when I’m in debt. 

  • To love others more even when I’m in debt or don’t have enough money.

One reason I’m grateful for the debt I have is because of the experiences and people and places it’s taken me to. 

What reasons are you grateful for the money that has been spent, the debt, or the things that you have?