Forgiveness Is Power

Self-Forgiveness = Self-Empowerment

Forgiveness is so powerful and also so misunderstood.

Forgiveness can sometimes feel like a mind maze, but it’s also so simple.

Most of the time people don’t think of forgiveness as a self-empowerment tool. But when you are not forgiving, you are allowing someone or some part of yourself to be in power.

If you believe you are unlovable, then the unloveable part is in power.

If you believe that person will never change, then the relationship you have with that person will be in the bounds of your belief. There is no freedom for either party there.

If you believe that person will only always make you angry, you’re allowing that person to control your feelings.

If you believe that you’re a loser, then the loser part makes the decisions for you.

If you believe the trauma can never heal, then the trauma will continue to rule.

When you hold a belief, it’s hard to believe there is anything else possible.

When you forgive yourself for the beliefs you’ve held about yourself or another person, then you open the door for something different—a new path, more compassion, less reaction. AND if the forgiveness is about another person, you may even find that they do things differently since you let go of your negative beliefs about them.

See, it’s a mind maze of POWER and EMPOWERMENT

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