Pain Is Emotional


Pain is emotional. We make ourselves so stressed, anxious, sad or mad that we get headaches, backaches, stomachaches, or worse. If you have kids you’ve probably seen it. They might get so upset they can’t eat or they throw up. Or maybe you’ve been there before, where work is so stressful you practically will a fever. 

There is actual medical research that backs this idea up. The ACE study done by the CDC found that people with more challenging childhood experiences have more physical (and emotional) health problems later in life. It seems obvious, but also futile to try and do anything about it, right?

Well, medical and psychological research also shows it is not futile. Just having 2 friends you can talk to about tough life events when you’re going through them can mitigate our past trauma and adult illnesses. 

More than that, with the holistic therapy Emotional Polarity Technique, we find the root issues and emotions that are attached to the physical pain of the present that was caused by the past. With this information, the EPT Practitioner guides the client through forgiveness so that they can finally let go. 

When you let go of the anger, low self esteem, fear, or grief that is attached to the pain, then the pain can finally heal. When grief of your dad’s death is free to go while bringing in honor and gratitude, then that crick in your neck loosens up. When you finally own your power and release your justified anger of sexual trauma, that low back ache is finally gone. 

What pain are you holding on to that’s holding you back from health? Whether you know or not, EPT can help. 

  • I forgive myself for believing (IFMFB) I have to hold on to pain.

  • IFMFB I have to hold on to anger (or some other emotion) that gives me pain.

  • IFMFB I have to be in pain when I have anger (or grief, or low self esteem, or abandonment…)

  • IFMFB if I let go of the pain then I’ll forget or be dishonoring the person or experience.

  • IFMFB life is pain.

  • I forgive others for their anger at me.

  • I forgive others for teaching me that pain is better than expressing or acknowledging my emotion.

  • I give others permission to forgive me when I blame them for my pain and anger.

  • I give other permission to forgive me when I do something that causes anger, grief, or depression and pain.

  • I love and accept myself even when I’m afraid I’ll always be in pain.

  • I love and accept myself even when I’m afraid if I’m not in pain then I’ll have to do more.

  • I love and accept myself even when I’m afraid this pain is better than not being in pain.

  • I give myself permission to accept I can be safe secure and complete and healthy.

  • I give myself permission to accept I can feel emotions and my body still be strong and pain free.

  • Without this pattern of connecting my pain and emotions, I am free to be healthy. To let my body move and feel good.

  • Without this pattern, I am free to feel and acknowledge and honor my emotions instead of turning them to pain and illness.

  • Without this pattern, I am free to love my body and my feelings.

If you are or know someone that is in so much stress that they are literally in pain, have them book a free consultation with me. With this integrative approach, I can help at Open Heart Holistic Therapy.