To The Mountaintop - EPT & Machu Picchu


Do you have big dreams that feel impossible?

Or maybe you’re one of those who believe it’s possible, but for whatever reason it’s not happening. Emotional Polarity Technique helps you get those mountaintop experiences. In fact, you could experience radical change in just one session. 

With this integrative holistic approach to healing, forgiveness rids you of the old thought patterns so you can make way to new possibilities--some you may not have ever imagined. That’s the thing about patterns: you don’t really know you’re in them until you’re out of them, and you can’t imagine anything different until you do. 

We have a saying in EPT:

“It’s not where I thought I was going, it’s so much better.”

What it means is that you thought you knew what you wanted or where you were going, but with EPT the place you end up is way more exciting, different, and unimaginable. 

I knew that I would be doing EPT as a business at some point or another, but I didn’t imagine that EPT would take me to regular vacation, work trips, and soul spa retreats all over the world. And EPT took me to Machu Picchu. It was amazing. I am grateful. And still in some level of disbelief. 

Where will we go next? Wherever it is, it will be better than I can imagine. 

If you want more gratitude, peace, and adventure in your life--EPT can get you where you want and more. You may or may not know what in your past is holding you back, keeping you stuck in old patterns, but with EPT we will strategically identify what/who you need to forgive and why so you can create new stories in your life and make better meaning of old ones. 

Have a mountaintop experience and book a free consultation today.