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How long is an appointment?

An EPT™ appointment typically lasts 1 hour, but it can range from 30 minutes to up to 2 hours.

How many appointments do I need?

EPT™ is an innovative holistic therapy that combines energy, intuition, and forgiveness to help you create more of what you want in your life right now. A collaborative, intentional program of EPT™ holistic therapy is recommended for clients to experience astonishing life changes.

Just 7 sessions of EPT™ to get optimal results from this holistic therapy*

In your first two sessions, Paige will give you an evaluation and outline of your personal healing goals and healing map for our EPT™ sessions. Sessions can be schedule 1-3 weeks apart depending on your needs.By purchasing all 7 sessions at once, you can save over $100 on the entire cost of your holistic emotional therapy. Releasing what no longer serves you has never been faster, easier, and more enjoyable.

This is not where you thought you were going... It's so much better!

At the end of your 7 sessions, you and your EPT™ practitioner will evaluate the goals you have reached and determine any needs you may desire for continued care.*There are some life situations and stories that naturally require more than 7 sessions. Paige will let you know the truth if this is the case, and advise you on how you may experience the benefits of EPT™ to support your life story.

Your first EPT™ Session.

Once you have scheduled an appointment. Paige will contact you regarding intake and consent forms, as well as answer any questions you may have. During your session, Paige will explain and guide through the steps. EPT™ gets you faster relief from the stresses of your body, mind, and relationships through a practical, collaborative 4-Step process:

  1. Focus on the problem

  2. Find it (the root memory) with muscle testing

  3. Fix It (your body's response to the problem and root memory) with magnets

  4. Transform at every level through healing forgiveness, acceptance, and fear release statements.

When you arrive at your session, we will begin by talking about the expectations and some of your childhood history (ACE and Resiliency Score).  (1) Once a focus is established, for example, anxiety, (2) I will muscle test your body (lightly pushing on your arm while you gently resist) to establish where you are emotionally and what stage of healing you are in. I will continue to use muscle testing to discover the root issue and core emotion to heal, (3) use magnets to neutralize your body's emotional response, and (4) create specific statements for your to repeat to solidify your healing.

What to expect after your EPT™ session?

It is perfectly normal to experience after and EPT™ appointment:

  1. A continues release of emotions. Simply allow them to be released without judgment. Emotions are just feelings, they do not define who you are or at what level of healing you are currently at.

  2. Tiredness. Allow yourself to rest and rejuvenate after your session. Many deep emotions are released which can be tiresome for the body.

  3. Thirsty. Please drink a few glasses of water after your session to help release and toxins that are working to be removed from your body.

  4. Hungry. You might feel an intense hunger, which means your body worked hard to release the emotions that were stored. Eat healthy, but light meals to give your body fuel.

  5. Realization of other patterns in your life. Many times when patterns have been uncovered in your life, you will continue to experience additional insights about your past relationships, etc. You may even continue to uncover other emotional patterns in your life. Take note of these insights and allow yourself to enjoy the new awareness.

Paige may also make other recommendations for your continues healing beyond the EPT™ session. It is often recommended that clients eat healthy and begin a regular meditative/spiritual practice.

What is EPT™?

Emotional Polarity Technique™ has over 25 years of clinical success ending depression, anxiety and all manner of physical pain and suffering, usually in 7 sessions. We want to help heal the world! We actually believe EPT™ is powerful enough to do so.Simply put, Emotional Polarity Technique uses the power of forgiveness to resolve the adversity in life that causes sickness, chronic pain and difficult relationships.The immediate result is profound, empowering relief. The long-term result is permanent positive behavior changes, a healthier life and a better world.Hard stuff happens in life that can turn into pain and suffering, but it doesn’t have to. It’s time to end the suffering life adversity is needlessly causing to so many people. EPT™ can do that.Emotional Polarity Technique is holistic emotional healthcare. EPT uses applied kinesiology (muscle testing), magnets, Chinese medicine, acupuncture points, tapping, affirmative statements, forgiveness, acceptance, fear release, and on and on. Each person has a unique story and your body tells the story. The collaboration of the EPT practitioner and the client work together to make sense of any emotional/relational challenge and create radical healing statements to change your brain permanently.[gallery ids="121,164" type="rectangular"]

What makes EPT different from other forms of therapy?

  • You get to root issues FAST, and it makes so much sense. You make connections and have insights that you might never have ever figured out if you didn't have someone to help you.

  • The practitioner guides you through the healing in the session with the words to change your negative beliefs. It's like reverse talk therapy.

  • EPT practitioners will just say to you what your therapist might know, but thinks you need to figure out on your own.

  • While counseling education is helpful, and I do have that education (Masters in Mental Health Counseling and Pastoral Care and Counseling), practitioners do not have to be trained as a social worker, or counselor, or anything to do this work and help people and make a huge difference in their lives.

  • It’s a very structured and universal approach for any age or issue.

  • Emotional Polarity Technique is miraculous. We don't discount the miracles.

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Our quality service promise to you:

It is our aim that you experience remarkable change in your life through 7 EPT™ sessions. However, if after your first EPT™session you decide this therapy is not for you, we will refund your money and part with gratitude for having the opportunity to share our service with you.

An Open and Safe Environment

Paige Cargioli accepts and respects each person, regardless of sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity, gender expression, socio-economic status, age or ability. She is dedicated to offering LGBTQ Affirmative Practice.

Paige strives to create an open and safe environment where people can grow and heal. EPTworks is a guided and active approach to healing that, like any therapy, may feel very emotional at times. The difference is that once all the feelings are said and done, you feel different, and very often--much much better and changed forever.

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