How much does an EPT session cost?

You are welcome to schedule a free 30 minute consultation. It costs $150 per EPT session. $910 for 7 sessions, $1920 for 16 sessions, $2640 for 24 sessions.

Can you do EPT over the phone?

Yes, it is possible to do EPT over the phone, however, EPT practitioners do not recommend it. There is power in being physically with someone while they are healing, and so we recommend in person sessions at least once per month.

Can I do more than one session of ePT at a time?

Absolutely! If for whatever reason coming in weekly is not possible due to scheduling or location, then we can do as much as 6 hours of EPT in a day for you and your family.

Does EPT work with children?

EPT does wonders for children, and they notice. Even when children are pre or non verbal, EPT can work for them. In these cases, a parent or guardian acts as the surrogate for the child. Kids love EPT!

Where can I learn more about EPT?

Check out, read The Forgiveness Doctor, and check out the podcast Listen Love Give.

Can I learn Emotional Polarity Technique?

YES YOU CAN! There are trainings every fall and spring, and you can apply (no obligation) at this link here!