I've Done It All, But Still Hurt

Sometimes you do everything and you still feel terrible. We do all the surgery, use all the fancy organic products, buy and eat the absolute best, we climb the mountain, and still feel like we're not enough. We still feel not pretty, unworthy, not good enough, like no one cares, and then I have to do another thing, or pay another dollar to make everything better.

We have a problem here: we don't love each other and ourselves unconditionally. We feel like we're only worthy if we're pretty, healthy, outgoing, skinny, stylish, rich, athletic, smart, or fit. We do things to prevent others judgment and elicit attention and love. We don't do this OUT OF LOVE. Whether we do or don't do all the things, we ought to do it OUT OF LOVE--not to get love.

Forgive yourself for trying so hard.
Love and accept yourself no matter what.
Forgive others for their judgments and expectations.
Let others forgive you when you judge...
Reclaim your worth and do what you do out of love.
You are here to be loved. Unconditionally.

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